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"I came to Strength Physical Therapy due to my sciatica. I was in a lot of pain, my movements were very limited and I could not feel my left foot. After a few weeks of sessions with Vince, Cherry, and exercises at home that they taught me, the pain started to subside. After 2 months, I don't feel pain and my life is back to normal. I highly recommend Strength Physical Therapy to anyone with any type of pain. Thank you so much, Vince and Cherry, you truly have a gift."
Dec 05, 2018
"Coming here for PT is very helpful. I had trouble turning my head from side to side due to stiff neck, but now everything is fine. It's a pleasure coming here because they treat me with respect and dignity. They are honest about the treatment and they look out for me like a family. I just want to say Thank You."
Oct 09, 2018


One year ago I got Dupuytren's contracture and it was the hardest thing to go through. Grabbing, holding, picking things especially. Since I came to Strength Physical Therapy, you are treated like family with respect and they care for what you are going through. I recommend Strength Physical Therapy to anybody that wants tender loving care.

Robert C.

I came to Strength Physical Therapy with a lot of lower back pain, after about a dozen visits I feel so so much better. Vince takes his time to explain all of the exercises to do at home. I will definitely come back if may my back pain returns.

John J.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my lymphedema other than diabetes.

Your knowledge and understanding of my condition was very thorough.

You have explained every aspect of my condition and the treatment it needed to the fullest.

You made me feel at ease with my therapy.

Dorothy S.

Very satisfied with the treatment. Good treatment good results. Now I am not dizzy anymore.

Thank you very much.

Filiberto F.